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Previous Events

Eurostaff Connect 2016

Bruno Lowagie gave a talk at Eurostaff Connect about the opportunities of open source.
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ISO Committee meeting Sydney 2016

Our Raf Hens has attended the ISO Committee meeting of PDF Association at Sydney.
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VOKA speaker session 2016

Our Bruno Lowagie does a speaker session about "Doing business in the US".
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Newline 2017

After successful presentations of the talk "Oops, I broke my API" at JavaOne in San Francisco and Devoxx in Antwerp, iText was asked to present the same topic at the newline 2017 event; organized by Whitespace (0x20) at the Hackerspace Ghent.
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GIDS 2017

For the second year in a row, iText was present at the Great Indian Developer Summit in Bangalore, welcoming more than 1,200 developers every day, four days in a row.
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