Why isn't the Rupee symbol showing?

I tried using arial.ttf and arialbd.ttf, but I don't have any luck with these to show the rupee symbol. Why doesn't it work?

How to use two different colors in a single String?

I want to set the color for only part of the string. How do I do this?

How to create a complex PDF document?

I have an Java/Java EE based application wherein I have a requirement to create PDF certificates for various services that will be provided to the users.

How to protect a PDF with a username and password?

How do I encrypt a PDF?

How to hide the Adobe floating toolbar when showing a PDF in browser?

I am generating a PDF document and displaying it in a Web browser (the current version of IE is the most important target).
I want to suppress the floating toolbar (see below) that appears and disapp

Does a PDF file have styles, headers and footers?

Does a PDF file have styles, headers and footers information as is the case with docx files that have separate xml files with extra information?

How to allow page extraction when setting password security?

Is it possible to create a PDF with password security enabled that also allows extraction of pages?

How to merge PDFs from ByteArrayOutputStreams?

I have two PDF files, each one in a ByteArrayOutputStream. I want to merge the two PDFs, and I want to use iText, but I don't understand how to do this because it seems that I need an InputStream (and I only have ByteArrayOutputStreams).

How can I crop the pages of an existing PDF document?

I have an existing document of which the pages are too big. How can I crop the pages?

How to load a PDF from a stream and add a file attachment?

When I save stream to file, the resulting PDF is not correct. The file attachment will always be an XML file, which I need to create in memory and never will be in file system. How can I do this with iText?

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