How to add text at an absolute position on the top of the first page?

How can I add text automatically to the 1st page, instead of the last?

How can I use regular and bold in a single String?

I have a String that consists of a constant part and a variable part.
How do I get the variable to be formatted using a regular font within the text paragraph, while the constant part is bold?

Why do I get a font embedding error when creating PDFA/1a?

What i am trying to achieve here is create a list with a bullet in front of every item in the list. What am i missing here?

How to prevent images from resizing in a table cell?

Is there a way to make all the images the same size?

Is it possible to set a different alignment for text on the same line in the same cell?

In one cell and on the same line, I must add two text (name and date).
The first snippet of text must be on the left page side, the second one on the right, and everything must be in one line.

How to add text inside a rectangle?

I have created a rectangle using PdfContentByte.
Now I want to add text inside this rectangle.
How can I do this?

What does "Not LTV-enabled" mean?

Since my signature was declared valid at a known and certified date, why would it become invalid in the future?

How to format a field as a currency?

I use iTextSharp to populate a form with data. I just learned [/question/how-format-field-percentage](how to format a field as a percentage). Now I need to learn how to format numbers.

How to insert a "linked rectangle" with iText?

I want to insert a hyperlink into an existing PDF at a position I know in advance: I already have the coordinates of a rectangle on a given page. I want to link this rectangle to another page of the same PDF (which I also know in advance). How do I achieve this?

How to add an onMouseOver javaScript action to a TextField?

How can I add javascripts to iTextsharp created textfields?

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