Release iText 5.5.3

In the previous release, we focused on XML Worker parsing HTML and CSS. For this release, we focused mainly on XFA Worker. XFA is a closed source add-on written on top of iText.

Release iText 5.5.2

For the release o iText 5.5.2 we have put a lot of effort into: major improvements to the CSS parser. This is actually a complete rewrite of the CSS functionality, resulting in much better interpretation of CSS syntax. You'll find these changes in iText's XML Worker. The HTMLWorker class that was shipped with iText 5 Core was finally deprecated.

Release iText 5.5.13

iText 5.5.13 is a maintenance release that rolls up 4 bugfixes for iText 5 Core.

Release iText 5.5.12

iText 5.5.12 is a maintenance release that rolls up 22 bugfixes for iText 5 Core.

Release iText 5.5.11

iText 5.5.11 is a maintenance release that rolls up 28 bugfixes.

Release iText 5.5.10

iText 5.5.10 is a maintenance release that rolls up 112 commits since last release.

Release iText 5.5.1

For this release, we've invested in even more development of XFA Worker, including tagged PDF functionality. Offering the possibility to generate PDF/A and PDF/UA documents from XFA forms.

Release iText 5.5.0

We received plenty of feedback regarding the accessibility functionality that was introduced last year. The PDF/UA spec is relatively new and the ISO committee is still fixing a couple of issues that were discovered in the first version. The same goes for iText.

Release iText 5.4.5

For the release of iText 5.4.5 some bug fixes and improvements were added for Core, XML Worker and RUPS.

Release iText 5.4.4

When we released iText 5.4.3, we promised that we would continue working on PDF/A, more specifically: provide all the checks that ensure you the file you're creating is either PDF/A-2 or PDF/A-3, just the way we did with PDF/A-1. iText 5.4.4 brings interesting new functionality in the area of accessibility (PDF/UA), more specifically when forms are involved. The next release will again focus on archiving (PDF/A).

Release iText 5.4.3

We're launching the release of iText 5.4.3 and as promised, we've been working on PAdES-5 and PDF/A. We already supported signing XFA forms using XML-DSig, now we also have support for signing using XAdES (which is required to meet the PAdES-5 standard). For the moment, only BES is supported (EPES will follow).

Release iText 5.4.2

New Java PDF library release of version 5.4.2. The C# and the Android port will follow soon. So will XFA Worker. These are some of the important topics taken from the changelog.

Release iText 5.4.1

Almost two months have passed since 13th anniversary release of iText. We've spent these months on some projects for customers, on developing new business models (visiting different companies in the US) and on tying the loose ends that surfaced due to the major changes in 5.4.0. Let's take a look at the most important changes.

Release iText 5.4.0

Exactly 13 years after the first use of the name iText and the first official iText release, we're releasing iText 5.4.0.

Release iText 5.3.5

iText 5.3.5 is a release for iText 5 Core. We're also updating XML Worker.

Release iText 5.3.4

iText 5.3.4 and XML Worker 1.2.1 have been released! Read all about it in the changelogs.

Release iText 5.3.3

We're release iText 5.3.3 together with an update on XML Worker.

Release iText 5.3.2

I've just released iText 5.3.2 and XML Worker 1.1.6. We've fixed some minor bugs in XML Worker, but the main reason for this release is iText's digital signature functionality.

Release iText 5.3.1

New release for iText 5.3.1 and XML Worker, continue reading to find out more.

Release iText 5.3.0

New release for iText 5.3.0, RUPS and XML Worker, continue reading to find out more.

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