How to close a PDF file to recreate it? (File in use problem)

If I don't close the file I get an error. How can I fixed this problem?

Why are PDF files different even if the content is the same?

Can someone please explain to me what kind of differences there are between files and the reason why the PDF format has this defect?

How to set the OCG state of an existing PDF?

I need to turn off a specific layer (OCG object) in an exisiting PDF that was created in Autocad
and that sets the default value to "on". How can I change this to "off"?

How to merge documents correctly?

Is there some way to detect the page size and then use that same page size for those documents? Or, if not, is it possible to have it fit to page?

How to reuse a page from one PDF document into another PDF document?

How can I create an element from an existing PDF, so that I can place it in my new PDF?

How to apply color to Strings in a Paragraph?

I want to have different font color and size for these Strings. How Can I do that on ColumnText/Paragraph?

Why is iText embedding a font even when I specify not to embed?

Why does NOT_EMBEDDED option still embed the font ?

How to rotate a page while creating a PDF document?

I can set the size of the page to landscape but the content is still oriented left->right while I would like it to be bottom->top.

How to restrict the number of characters on a single line?

How can I add strings to a single line that is underlined?

How to allow a Unicode subscript symbol in a PDF without using setTextRise()?

Is there a setting to change the encoding/font of the text to UTF-8, so that it allows all the Unicode symbols?




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